Definition von Vorhofflimmern

Bei der Diskussion um subklinisches Vorhofflimmern und AHRE ist es angebracht, die aktuell „gültigen“, d. h. am breitesten akzeptierten, Definitionen von Vorhofflimmern im Gedächtnis zu behalten:

ESC-Leitlinie 2016

The diagnosis of AF requires rhythm documentation using an electrocardiogram (ECG) showing the typical pattern of AF: Absolutely irregular RR intervals and no discernible, distinct P waves. ECG-documented AF was the entry criterion in trials forming the evidence for these guidelines. By accepted convention, an episode lasting at least 30 s is diagnostic. Individuals with AF may be symptomatic or asymptomatic (‘silent AF’)

US-Leitlinie 2014

The diagnosis of AF in a patient is based on the patient’s clinical history and physical examination and is confirmed by ECG, ambulatory rhythm monitoring (eg, telemetry, Holter monitor, event recorders), implanted loop recorders, pacemak- ers or defibrillators, or, in rare cases, by electrophysiological study.

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